Spray Process

Our process ensures thorough surface preparation, pre-­treatment steps to ensure superior adhesion and excellent penetration of the coating without material bridging between the fins.

Step 1.

The unit is un-boxed

Step 2.

Panels are stripped to access the coils

Step 3.

Degreaser & detergent is applied.

Step 4.

De-oxidising agent is applied to increase cohesion.

Step 5.

Units are washed with hot high pressure water.

Step 6.

Excess water is blown off.

Step 7.

Headers and U-bends are coated with anti-corrosion primer.

Step 8.

BluGuard Coil Protection is applied.

Step 9.

The coating is inspected & quality checked.

Step 10.

The unit is re-assembled.

Step 11.

The unit is re-boxed and strapped.