Bluchem was started in 2003 to fill a niche requirement for a high quality anti-­corrosion coating that offered real value for money and quick turn-­around times. Consultants and air-­conditioning suppliers understood that up to 100km’s away from the ocean is still categorised as C2 (mildly marine) with corrosion rates of uncoated steel at 10 – ­20 µm per year. Worse still for equipment located near to the ocean and categorised as C5+ (severe marine) with corrosion extremely aggressive at +300 µm per year.

In the 10+ years we have consistently updated our coating and since 2014 we are happy to announce that we now apply the world class BluGuard™ anti-­corrosion coating products following an exclusive supply agreement with Corrotec in the Netherlands. The customer that demands the highest level of corrosion protection as well as meeting the environmental standards required by most organisations today, needs to look no further than Bluchem Coil Treatment.

We have workshops located in Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg that give us the ability to service customers in all the major areas plagued by corrosion to their expensive equipment. We also offer on-­site applications and cover work in Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, and the Seychelles as well as the rest of Africa. We have fork lifts available for heavy loading/off-­loading at our workshop facilities.

Our Management

Bluchem-Branch-ManagersCape Town: Kevin Raath, Bluchem General Manager.

NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 – Certified, Cert. No. 64969

Kevin has 23 years experience in the oil refinery and chemical field, including several years as the Superintendent of a large petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia. He has been involved in the corrosion coating industry since 2007 and has passed the Corrosion Engineering examination of The Corrosion Institute of South Africa.

Durban: Dean Glover, KZN Area Manager.

Following a career in Optics and managing 6 branches, Dean changed paths and entered into a managerial position in an air-­conditioning company running the service department. In December 2007, because of his technical knowledge and personal relationships in the air-­conditioning field, Dean was recruited to start-­up and manage the Durban branch of Bluchem. The branch has grown as Dean and his team tackle the corrosion issues that Durban is famous for.

Port Elizabeth: Roy Hague, Eastern Cape Area Manager.

Roy took over the Port Elizabeth operation in 2013 coming with a history of technical positions and hands on working, from construction to plumbing and was with Europair in the HVAC sector where relationships were made with all the key customers.

Johannesburg Neville Atherstone, Gauteng Area Manager.

Neville has many years experience in the Chemical Plant industry, several of them outside of South Africa, followed by 7 years as a Senior Training Technician in the motor trade industry. Neville was appointed to expand the Bluchem brand into Johannesburg and the surrounding areas, particularly in the highly industrialised and mining environments.